March 7, 2016  

Our First Post!

Social Media Screening

Hello, world.

Thanks for visiting our blog. We are thrilled to welcome you to our community, and to offer this blog as a one-stop resource for any question you may have about online screening. Social media background checks are prevalent—in fact, 70% of employers are using publicly available social media to screen job candidates—but our automated approach represents a transformational shift in data accuracy, insight, and a demand for enhanced user privacy and compliance.

So please consider this blog as a resource to fill in the gaps of understanding, and to ask the tough questions around how to use publicly available online data to make hiring decisions.

New technologies tend to create as many questions as they do answers. As an example, we're frequently asked about the legality of social media screening, examples of how our insights are used, and which types of content tend to affect job performance. We hope to answer these questions here (and many more), and hope you'll stay tuned by signing up for our mailing list.

Until then, welcome!


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