January 16, 2020  

Fama Featured in Business.com Article on Social Screening

Pre-Employment Background Checks Recruiting

How does social screening help address some of the pain points in an organization's hiring practice? David Bloom, General Manager of the Small and Medium-Sized Business Group at Sterling, recently wrote an article on business.com tackling this very question. In it, he covers:

  • how toxic hires can torpedo a hard-won corporate culture
  • what makes social screening the solution to various HR dilemmas, and
  • how the solutions are getting smarter and easier to use.

Fama was also featured in the article, helping to demonstrate how social screening programs can help HR leaders make better employment decisions and uphold the culture they’ve worked hard to build. Read on to learn what you need to know about social screening, what to consider in a social screening solution, and why it's so important for business success today.

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